qBittorrent don't open

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qBittorrent don't open

Post by megabex0 »

Right, I was configurating qBittorrent, following the steps, but when click on save configurations the web page just crashed! Now when I use my IP:8080 the page doesn't load. The other applications I can open normally.
I have done the "yams destroy" but continues the same!

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Re: qBittorrent don't open

Post by rogs »

Hey @megabex0!

Sorry I didn't saw your post! Try deleting the qbittorrent configuration and restarting YAMS:

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# Stop YAMS
$ yams stop

# Remove the qbittorrent configuration
$ rm -r /your/install/location/config/qbittorrent

# Restart YAMS
$ yams start

That should "factory reset" qbittorrent

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