Gluetun Kernel Panics

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Gluetun Kernel Panics

Post by ArrozMio »

Hi all,

I ran into the issue where 'yams check-vpn' was no longer resolving the IP for qbittorrent. Checked the logs in portainer and found that gluetun was getting kernel panics. Was able to temp resolve this issue by adding the ":v3" tag to gluetun in portainer/docker-compose file. All seems well now. Just wanted to let everyone know.

Thank You :)

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Re: Gluetun Kernel Panics

Post by rogs »

Hey @ArrozMio!

Yes, this is a known issue for some VPNs we've been discussing on the Discord :D Thank you for the report! I need to fix this in code ASAP.

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