Renamed Media Drive

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Renamed Media Drive

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I had an issue with the external drive I was using for my media and ended up moving all of the data off of the disk, reformatting, and then moving the data back. Since then Plex cannot find my libraries. I suspect it is because in the process of reformatting I foolishly renamed the disk from that which I used in the initial YAMS setup. What's the easiest way to correct this?


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Re: Renamed Media Drive

Post by haytada »

Your drive should have been mounted to a location, I assume that folder will not have moved/changed/deleted because it was just the disk you reformatted.
You should just be able to mount the drive to the same mount point and everything will continue as normal. You will likely need to update your fstab entry though to make sure the drive auto mounts on reboots.

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Re: Renamed Media Drive

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Hey @Tomwaste!

Actually, @haytada is right, make sure you mount your drive in the same location as before using your fstab file. If you want to change the drive name, you can change it in the .env file, located in /your/install/location/. env. Remember it's a hidden file, since it starts with ..


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